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Copyright and Usage

DataMaster.in databases are copyrighted and the information on this website may only be used for business and academic purposes only. You are not allowed to spam the businesses listed on our databases.. You can only use the databases for Market Research, B2B Relationships and other Business related purposes.


By using the information from our databases, you are required to indemnify and hold harmless DataMaster.in from any way. You will not hold DataMaster.in accountable if for any legal problems that will occur regarding the usage of our data.

Agreement and Liability

By purchasing our databases, you must agree that the use of the data found on this website is at your own risk. We cannot also guarantee the accuracy, completeness and suitability of the information listed on our databases.


Since the databases are digital products, we do not accept refunds. You must read our Terms and Conditions carefully before even planning to purchase our Databases.

Other Information

If you plan on running email marketing campaigns, we suggest you clean the emails first before sending them off to avoid bounce rates. We cannot guarantee the quality of our email databases since its also used by other clients. If you want the most accurate and high quality leads, we suggest you visit our web scraping services.

Some Businesses change their emails and business information, so we cannot guarantee 100% accuracy of our data. But rest assured that the databases listed from this website are all extracted and compiled at least January 2016.


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